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    Dominican Brides: Find out How to Marry a Caribbean Beauty
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    Dominican Brides: Find out How to Marry a Caribbean Beauty

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    Dominican Brides: Find out How to Marry a Caribbean Beauty
    The Dominican Republic is the perfect place to spend your so long-expected summer vacation. You can enjoy more than 200 paradisal beaches across the 800-mile-long coastline. No wonder it is the most visited Caribbean country. Besides, many tourists know that Dominican women are real cutie pies.
    Dominican Brides: Find out How to Marry a Caribbean Beauty
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    dominican women

    If you plan to pick up a Dominican beauty, read further to find out all about their characteristics, Dominican culture, and essential dating tips.

    Dominican Mail Order Brides: Who Are They?

    Many Dominican women prefer dating men from other countries, including the US, the UK, and Canada. For this, they register on online dating sites.

    Why Dominicans Become Mail Order Brides?

    Since most Dominican Republic women cannot afford to spend so much money (for them) on traveling to date foreign guys, they focus on online dating.

    Indeed, life in the Dominican Republic is relatively expensive for the local people, so they can hardly save much money on entertainment. In 2019, the average GDP per capita was around $9,000, which is six times smaller than in the US. Therefore, Dominican women become mail order brides to get a chance of meeting a foreigner.

    Besides, the Dominican Republic is a Spanish-speaking country. Most of the population does not speak English. Because of this, girls experience a language barrier that is a lot easier to overcome if you communicate online. It is another reason why Dominican girls register on dating sites to chat with foreign men.

    On top of that, online dating is indeed more efficient since only 2% of couples meet in the bar or nightclub according to dating statistics. On a dating site, a chance of starting a relationship is roughly ten times higher.

    Why Dominican Brides Want To Date Foreign Men?

    Everyone is different, but there are some traits that large groups of people have in common. For Dominican women share the interest in foreign guys, especially men from North America, and there are a couple of reasons for that:

    1. Western Guys are more Attractive

    Opposites attract, and you will meet many Dominican women who find Western guys handsome. For many Dominican girls, guys with Caucasian facial features and white skin are much sexier than local men. That is why you may have more chances of attracting a Dominican woman than anyone else.

    2. Marital Infidelity

    According to sociological studies, extramarital affairs are a severe problem in the Dominican Republic. At the same time, this trouble relates to men. The matter is that nearly 50% of Dominican men have lovers beyond their marriage. It results in a booming divorce rate in the country. The local women are sick of adultery, so many of them start seeking a relationship with a person with moral principles, from another environment.

    Because of this, the Dominican Republic girls aim at meeting guys from North America, hoping that American boyfriends will be more loyal.

    dominican girls

    Dominican Wives Characteristics


    Dominican society is patriarchal, with men being the family leaders and breadwinners. It is a classic scenario when a mighty man protects his family from predators, hunts the mammoth, and goes to the hospital only when a spear stuck in his back keeps him from sleep.

    Women are seen as caring mothers who cook the meat, sweep the cave’s floor and sew the clothes from the mammoth pelt. Well, mammoths didn’t inhabit Caribbeans − it is a metaphor.

    In the Dominican Republic, just like in Cuba or Puerto Rico, the times have changed, but the relationship between women and men has remained the same. Men are seen as strong, masculine, decisive, and ambitious, while women should listen to them and do what they say.

    Therefore, a Dominican woman will expect you to be strong emotionally (and sometimes physically, too), persistent in achieving your goals, and responsible for your relationship. In return, she will support you, give you advice and all the love she has.

    Stunningly Beautiful

    Dominican Republic girls are some of the most beautiful in Latin America. Sometimes Brazilian brides are considered the most beautiful, but many Dominican girls look even better. If you love sexy bronzed girls, the Dominican Republic will become your personal paradise. These girls pay lots of attention to appearance and, compared to Brazilian women, have softer facial features, which makes them more feminine in general.

    Lots of girls have thick, voluminous curly hair, seductive curves, and thin waists. Those women, who go to the gym, will charm you with incredibly sexy toned abs.

    Due to warm weather all year round, Dominicans are used to spending time at the beach, swimming, and playing beach volleyball. Due to this, those girls who prefer not to exercise still look very fit. Also, they are genetically gifted with powerful and thick gluteal muscles.

    One more thing about genetics is that they are less prone to aging than white women due to darker skin. The bigger the dark pigment content is in the skin, the less noticeable any appearing wrinkles become.

    As Dominican women celebrate their 30th birthday, it seems like time gets slower for them, so their skin remains smooth and beautiful even in the late 40s.

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    Can do Housework

    Due to traditional upbringing, Dominican girls start helping their mothers manage domestic work from a young age. They learn to cook in childhood. In this regard, Dominican women can prepare quite tasty meals. In general, they are used to doing all the domestic chores, even having a full-time job. A working woman will cook, iron, and do the laundry on her weekends and after a workday.

    As you know, housework is exceptionally exhausting and quickly becomes a burden when there is no one to help. A Dominican bride will likely want you to help her manage house chores when you move in together.

    They have Close-knit Families

    People living in the Dominican Republic and Haiti are some of the friendliest nations sharing one island. They will gladly point you the direction on the street, befriend you and even ask you around to have a cup of tea. Once a Dominican girlfriend invites you to her house, her parents will welcome you with a shining smile and tasty snacks. Besides, Dominican families are quite big, with two children on average. The good thing is that they love having fun together, celebrate holidays, and go on vacation.

    Your girlfriend’s parents will accept you and treat you like a family member (even if you have not proposed to their daughter yet). At the same time, her parents will probably influence some of her decisions. That is why you should be very respectful of them if you want your relationship to remain stable.

    dominican women

    What Makes a Dominican Republic Brides the Best Wife?

    Loyal Nature

    Unlike men, Dominican women are much more devoted to a relationship. When dating a Dominican woman, you will enjoy her loyalty. If someone tries to flirt with her at work, she will reject them fiercely.

    It is because Dominican girls treat dating much more seriously than American ones. If American girl flirts and has sex with you for a couple of months and says goodbye afterward, the Dominican one will think of how many air balloons she needs to decorate the house for the wedding ceremony.

    Casual dating is very uncommon among Dominicans, and many prefer long-lasting relationships rather than quick affairs. This quality is essential for a healthy marriage since mutual devotion is the basis of a united family.


    About 69% of the Dominican population adheres to Christianity. Although they may not attend church every Sunday or pray before eating, faith still has a substantial impact on their moral qualities. Due to this, the majority of people are honest in the relationship. So, you have very high chances of meeting a candid girl that will always tell you the truth. If you are used not to hiding anything from your spouse, you will get along with Dominican women.

    Submissiveness and Supportiveness

    Dominican Republic wives, just like women of Cuba, are generally submissive. Due to the traditional environment and religious influence, Dominican ladies believe they should not interfere with their husband’s business. A man is a leader, and as long as he can maintain his family, everything is okay.

    For many Dominican wives, home is their island of stability and prosperity, surrounded by the ocean of unknown challenges. That is why a Dominican wife will never argue your decisions. Instead, she will cheer you up and make everything to help you overcome difficulties.

    How Can You Meet Dominican Mail Order Bride?

    By Registering on a Dominican Dating Site

    Online dating is the easiest way to meet a Dominican girl. Usually, registering on a dating site is entirely free, while monthly membership costs around $30, which is relatively little money to invest in dating. And as mentioned before, you will have a much higher chance of meeting a Dominican mail order bride who will be ready to relocate to your state. Besides, you will likely find a girl that learns English, so it may be much easier to communicate with your future wife.

    On top of that, online dating is easy since you can filter girls living near you. Thus, you may not even need to travel to the Dominican Republic.

    In the US

    According to statistical reports, around 2.2 million people of DR origin lived in the US in 2016. Thus, you can easily find a girl who either moved to the US or has DR roots, especially if you address online dating.

    Most American Dominicans currently live in New Jersey, New York, and Florida. So, if you live in some of these areas, your Dominican bride may appear to be a few miles from you.

    In the Dominican Republic

    Traveling to DR is easy, thanks to a friendly visa policy. You can stay in the country for up to three months without a Visa. At the same time, the Dominican Republic is quite expensive, so you will have to spend around $100 per day while traveling alone. Sure, if you plan to pick up a Dominican girl, you have to double the budget.

    As a result, a weekly trip will cost you at least $1,400. But who knows, maybe you will fail to pick up the local woman in a week. Thus, it will be much better to meet a girl online and plan your vacation afterward if you don’t want to spend time and money in the DR for nothing.

    Dominican Dating Culture And Tips

    Beware of Gold Diggers

    Since life in the DR is relatively poor compared to the Western world, you will find many women literally sticking to you and trying to seduce you in a very blatant way. They usually dress accordingly. These girls aim at dating you only because they hope you will bring them to the US.

    Some girls will want to celebrate a wedding as soon as possible to sue the pants off of you. These are gold diggers who need only your money and an American passport. Sure, it is better to avoid such women.

    No Sex on the First Date

    Although Dominican girls look so easy and relaxed, their behavior has nothing to with sex. For most women in the DR, sex on the first date is a taboo. So, you will have to date a girl for at least a couple of weeks before you can get her in bed. Sure, there are easy girls, but you will hardly want to date them since they only seek a way to arrive in North America.

    Aim at Women from Big Cities

    When searching for Dominican brides on the web, you have to pay attention to their location. It is better to meet women from Santo Domingo, Santiago, and Puerto Plata. It is because you will have the highest chance of meeting a woman matching the characteristics in our article there.

    You have to Pay for the Date

    Traditionally, men should pay for dinner, at least on the first date. Therefore, you should cover the expenses if you want to make a good impression. If you ask a waiter for a separate bill, it may insult a girl. Paying for her is caring for her. These women are used to being submissive and expect their partner to be the leaders, which involves financial support. It does not mean they are gold diggers. It is instead a part of the Dominican dating culture.

    Be Respectful of your Girl’s Family

    There is one rule you need to remember: don’t criticize your woman’s parents even if you want to support her when she complains about them. She will patch it up with them, but your critique may stick in her mind, which will worsen your relationship. Therefore, be always respectful of her parents to avoid getting between a rock and a hard place. Be neutral instead.


    Do Dominican Brides Like American Men?

    Many Dominican women prefer dating Americans because they believe Western guys are more loyal, handsome, and ambitious. Therefore, it will be easier for you to pick up a Dominican girl than any other woman from Latin America.

    Do the Dominican Brides Speak English?

    Most of the population speaks Spanish. English is rare in the DR. Thus, you will likely experience a language barrier. However, in big cities and tourist spots, more people speak English.

    What Is The Best Site To Meet Dominican Brides?

    The best Dominican dating agency has to be secure, have a real community, offer reasonable prices, and plenty of chat and entertainment options.

    The Verdict
    Generally, Dominican women become wonderful wives having all the necessary qualities for a healthy and long-lasting relationship. If you seek a loving, supportive traditional girl who shines like a diamond, you should definitely search for a Dominican woman. As a genuine woman and wife, she will prepare delicious meals, nurture your children, and be a goddess in bed. These women are really worth all the effort and time. If you want to meet one, you can take a flight to the Dominican Republic, search for the girl in the US or on Dominican dating sites. Thus, don’t hesitate to register a dating account – your love might be waiting for you right now.
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